Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Lush SLS & Paraben Free Product List November 2015

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Lush. I love that they are cruelty-free and promote the fight against animal testing, and I love that most of their products are vegan. I love that their products use a lot of essential oils and that they smell amazing, and I love that their products are fun (and like a lot of people, I especially love their Christmas products!). But what I hate about Lush is that they use a few chemicals that I and many others wish to avoid, as well as artificial fragrances. So many times I have wanted to try something from Lush only to discover it contains something which I am sure does not need to be in there. The good news is, I have discovered loads of Lush products that are more natural and have decided to make a list of them to make it quicker and easier to shop more green at Lush.

All of the products listed below are free from sodium laureth/lauryl sulphates and parabens (and are all vegan). These are two of the main ingredients that people choosing not to use harmful chemicals wish to avoid, since they have been linked to skin irritation and endocrine disruption respectively. There are other chemicals which some people may prefer to avoid, but others may not mind using, therefore I have included such products in my list but have noted what they contain in brackets so people can choose whether to use them or not. These ingredients are: 
  • Propylene glycol - possible irritant and is thought to enhance the absorption of other chemicals into the skin
  • Talc - possible carcinogen
  • Triethanolamine - skin, immune and respiratory toxin/allergen
  • Lilial - synthetic scent ingredient that has been linked to allergies and contact dermatitis
  • EDTA - widely considered as safe but could possibly enhance the absorption of other ingredients contained in a product
  • Laureth 4 - possible skin and eye irritant
  • Alpha-isomethyl ionone - possible human immune system toxicant or allergen; suspected to be an environmental toxin
  • Octocrylene - UV filter that may cause skin allergies in some; can penetrate the skin and may potentially cause the formation of free radicals
  • Octyl methoxycinnamate - UV filter linked to endocrine disruption.
If you think any other ingredients should be on this list then please let me know and I will add them in. Below is the product list correct as of November 2015 (let me know if you spot any I might've missed). I will aim to update this list whenever Lush add or remove any of their products.

  • Star Dust Bath Bomb
  • Cinders Bath Bomb
  • Butterbear Bath Bomb
  • The Icing on the Cake Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA)
  • Cranberry Festive Face Mask (talc) 
  • Bûche de Noël Fresh Cleanser
  • Bûche de Noël - Alcohol Free Fresh Cleanser
  • Fairy Dust Dusting Powder (alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • First Snow Sparkly Dusting Powder (talc)
  • First Snow - Alcohol Free Sparkly Dusting Powder (talc)
  • Christingle Body Conditioner (triethanolamine, lilial)
  • Celebrate Body Lotion (triethanolamine) 
  • Celebrate - Alcohol Free Body Lotion (triethanolamine)  
  • Baked Alaska Soap (EDTA, alpha-isomethyl ionone
  • Yog Nog soap (EDTA)
  • Santa Baby Lip Tint.
Bath Bombs
  • Sakura (lilial)
  • Butterball
  • Tisty Tosty
  • Avobath
  • Think Pink
  • Blackberry (lilial)
  • Sex Bomb (propylene glycol, alpha-isomethyl ionone, lilial) 
  • Ickle Baby Bot 
  • Big Blue.
Bath Oils
  • Razzle Dazzle (laureth 4, propylene glycol)
  • Dreamtime (laureth 4)
  • Floating Island (laureth 4)
  • Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment (laureth 4, alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • Ceridwen's Cauldron (laureth 4) 
  • You've Been Mangoed (laureth 4).
  • Lush Hippy (EDTA)
  • Lush Gardener (EDTA)
  • Grease Monkeys (EDTA, alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • Parsley Porridge (EDTA)
  • Miranda (EDTA)
  • Figs and Leaves (EDTA)
  • Respect Your Elders (EDTA, alpha-isomethyl ionone) 
  • Layer Cake (EDTA)
  • Maypole (EDTA)
  • Devil's Nightcap (EDTA, alpha-isomethyl ionone) 
  • Sandstone (EDTA, lilial) 
  • Sultana of Soap (EDTA, lilial) 
  • Bohemian (EDTA) 
  • Pumice Power Foot Soap (EDTA).
Shower Products
  • Lemon Sherbet Showder
  • Candy Floss Showder (alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • Dreamwash Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA)
  • Turkish Delight Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA, alpha-isomethyl ionone) 
  • Orange Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA, alpha-isomethyl ionone) 
  • Blueberry Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA)
  • Enzymic Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA)
  • Coconut Scrubby Roulade Shower Smoothie (EDTA)
  • Life's a Beach Body Scrub Powder 
  • Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub
  • Ocean Salt Self-Preserving & Alcohol-Free Face and Body Scrub
  • Salted Coconut Hand Scrub
  • African Paradise Body Conditioner (triethanolamine) 
  • The Sunblock Solid Sunscreen Wash - SPF 30 High (octocrylene, octyl methoxycinnamate)
  • Buffy Body Butter
  • King of Skin Body Butter.
  • Movis Facial Soap 
  • Let the Good Times Roll (talc)
  • Angels on Bare Skin
  • Herbalism
  • Dark Angels
  • Aqua Marina (lilial).
Body Lotions 
  • Charity Pot (triethanolamine)
  • Ultrabalm
  • Dream Cream Self-Preserving (triethanolamine).
  • T for Toes Foot Powder
  • Twinkle Toes Foot Powder (lilial)
  • Foot Soak and Fancy Free.
 Massage Bars
  • From Dusk 'Til Dawn
  • Tender is the Night (lilial)
  • Percup
  • Dirty (alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • Shades of Earl Grey
  • Yes Yes Yes
  • Each Peach (and Two's a Pear)
  • Peace
  • Wiccy Magic Muscles
  • Therapy¿
  • Hottie (lilial)
  • Pearl (propylene glycol)
  • Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer Bar
  • Black Stockings Solid Body Tint.
  • T'eo
  • The Guv'ner
  • The Greeench
  • Aromaco (propylene glycol).
Dusting Powders
  • Silky Underwear
  • Powdered Sunshine (octocrylene, octyl methoxycinnamate).
  • Tea Tree Toner Tab
  • Dream Steam Steamer Tab.
  • Magical Moringa
  • Full of Grace Serum Bar.
  • Rosy Cheeks (lilial)
  • Don't Look at Me
  • Cup O'Coffee
  • Oatifix
  • Cupcake
  • Catastrophe Cosmetic (alpha-isomethyl ionone).
Toothy Tabs & Powders
  • Dirty
  • Sparkle
  • Limelight
  • Boom!
  • Bling!
  • Oral Pleasure (alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • Miles of Smiles
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Ultrablast
  • Atomic.
  • Latte Lip Tint
  • Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint 
  • None of Your Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Key Lime Pie Lip Balm
  • Rose Lollipop Lip Balm
  • Passion Fruit Lip Balm (alpha-isomethyl ionone)
  • Buttered Brazils Lip Balm
  • Popcorn Lip Scrub
  • Mint Julips Lip Scrub
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub (alpha-isomethyl ionone).
  • Smooth Operator Shaving Cream (EDTA)
  • Veerappan Moustache Wax
  • Jo Jo Hair Wax.
  • R&B Hair Moisturiser (lilial)
  • Superbalm Scalp Treatment
  • No Drought Dry Shampoo (talc)
  • Marron Henna
  • Noir Henna
  • Rouge Henna
  • Brun Henna.
  • Emotional Brilliance Face Powder (talc)
  • Success Liquid Eyeliner (triethanolamine)
  • Drive Lipstick (talc)
  • Decisive Lipstick
  • Charm Lipstick
  • Believe Lipstick
  • Ambition Lipstick
  • Glamorous Lipstick
  • Strong Lipstick
  • Passionate Lipstick
  • Bubbly Lipstick
  • Vibrance Lipstick
  • Perspective Lipstick
  • Power Lipstick.
  • Butterbear Christmas Gift Box.
I haven't included any of the Gorilla perfumes in my list because they are all free from SLS and parabens. However, some do contain alpha-isomethyl ionone and other ingredients that may cause irritation, so let me know if you would like to see perfumes added to the list!
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Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn Fashion Hall: New Look, River Island, Ebay & Peacocks

Moving house has given me the chance to sort through my wardrobe and finally get rid of those items that I keep telling myself I will wear one day but in reality I never will. It's also allowed me an insight as to the sort of things I did actually need to buy (okay, maybe not need need but I'm sure you understand!). I've bought quite a few things so far this season so I thought I'd do a little haul post and show you what I've been purchasing this autumn.
The first few items are from New Look. I ordered a sparkly clutch bag online last month for my friend's wedding, and as I had a birthday discount code to use, I decided to buy something else that I would get more wear out of. I've been wanting a skater skirt for a while, so I opted for this one which is a high-waisted skirt in a gorgeous dark teal/forest green colour. It was £9.99 and comes in a few other colours too.
Last week I was in Truro and spent ages having a proper browse of the New Look there. Loads of pieces caught my eye, but some things didn't suit me (being petite I sadly look swamped in oversized jumpers) or were out of stock in my size so in the end I came away with three things. The thing I actually went in there needing to buy was a pair of slipper boots to keep my feet cosy now that it's getting colder. A staff member was just putting these cute pink booties out on the shelf, saying they were last year's stock and they'd just found them downstairs.They were only £5 so I snapped them up. The materials are all man-made; the outside is a chunky knit and they are lined with super soft fleece. I've been practically living in them ever since I got them, they are so warm and comfy!
I don't have many shirts or blouses so I decided to get this khaki one, which is one of my favourite colours to wear this time of year. It was £17.99 and I think it will look nice with a chunky cardigan or layered under a jumper.
I also got this mustard boxy jumper which was only £7.99! I didn't think it would look right on me as my figure looks best in more fitted items of clothing, but it looks really nice on and isn't too baggy at all. I love the colour so much! They also had this in black and camel but they didn't have any in my size left. It is 100% acrylic.
I had my sights set on coming back from Truro with a pair of black ankle boots, a classic wardrobe staple I shockingly do not own. Having had no luck in my search for the perfect pair, I decided to try River Island. The first pair I tried on were gorgeous but were a little too big. My friend actually picked out this pair for me, and I'm so glad she did because I am in love with them! They were £38, have a chunky, wearable heel and are made of soft faux-leather. 
I've had a bit of an eBay addiction lately, and I'm finding myself adding new things to my wishlist all the time. I wanted some new coats for a while and as I had very specific ideas in mind I decided to try eBay. I decided to get a classic beige trench coat to wear now it's getting a little chilly, but not quite cold enough for a thick winter coat. I was initially outbid on the first trench I wanted, but I happily managed to get this lovely one for only £10. It is originally from Primark and had only been worn a couple of times so it was in excellent condition. I was really pleased with this purchase and I've been wearing it loads already.
Another coat I really wanted was a navy quilted jacket for casual outings and walking Jack. I saw a few with tweed or cord effect detailing and I liked the look of them, so when I saw this one for £15 I decided to buy it. It was listed as a size 8 but when it arrived it was a size 6. Luckily it does fit but I won't be able to wear any thick jumpers under it! I still really like it though and I think it will be good for the spring time as well.
My favourite accessory is probably a scarf and after getting a red/blue tartan one last year, I wanted to get this beige tartan one after seeing similar ones all over Instagram and Pinterest. It was only £7.98 including delivery and it is so so soft. It is made of acrylic and is a blanket scarf so it's huge but really snuggly! I think I'm going to be living in this scarf this season.
Another thing I spotted on Pinterest was a chunky mustard coloured cardigan. A quick search on eBay lead me to this one, which is 100% acrylic and was only £7.89! They had loads of other colours so I decided to get a cream one was well. I am tempted to get a wine one too if there are still some in stock!
Lastly is this checked shirt which was £12 from Peacocks. I've been wearing this under jumpers for a preppy look.
  I have a couple more shopping trips planned, so check back soon for another autumn fashion haul!
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Life Update ♥

I can't believe we are now in October - just where has the year gone? I can't say I'm disappointed that summer is well and truly over though; autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and I'm looking forward to wrapping up warm for long walks through the golden crunchy leaves in the woods; snuggling up on the sofa with blankets and hot water bottles to read and watch films; and of course getting excited for Christmas!
It has been a few months now since I last blogged, so I thought I'd post a little update as to what's been going on in my world. Life just got so busy over the summer that blogging was the last thing I felt like doing. In fact, the thought of planning and writing blog posts became something of a chore and I put it to the back of my mind, ignoring the many emails that built up in my inbox from PR companies kindly offering to send me products to try and organisations asking me to help promote the latest updates in the cruelty-free world. I haven't even had the chance to read other blogs, so I certainly have some catching up to do!
I've enjoyed my little break from blogging, and now I feel ready to get back to my laptop and write again. I have a list of blog post ideas ready to be written, including makeup and restaurant reviews, fashion hauls and recipe posts, so check back regularly if you would like to have a read :)
In the meantime, here's what I've been up to lately:
I moved out
After what seemed like years (oh wait, it was!) of doing long-distance, my boyfriend Jamie finally finished with uni (after completing his BSc he went on to do a PhD) and moved back home. We had been ready to move in together for ages; we were lucky to find a house quickly and we soon settled in. I've enjoyed buying cushions and fairy lights, hearts and trinkets and other little bits that make a house a home. We've gone for a shabby chic/nautical Cornish cottage theme, and I love it! What I haven't loved so much is having to learn how to cook meals other than my tried and tested vegetable risotto. Luckily Jamie is a good cook (and a veggie) so we've been sharing the task. I'm getting better at it though, and I can now add a roast dinner and vegan cottage pie to my repertoire!
I went on a road trip to Scotland
Back in July, Jamie and I headed to Edinburgh as he had to attend a medical conference there. As it is such a long, long way from where we live we decided to make a road trip out of it, staying at a few random places on the way there and on the way back, including Somerset, the Peak District and Yorkshire. Although we didn't get to see much of Edinburgh it seemed like a lovely city, and we did have an amazing meal there at Henderson's Vegetarian Bistro! I think I will do a separate blog post about this :)
One of my best friends got married
My lovey friend Chloe recently got married and I can't believe that it's all over now after months of excited chats about the wedding. I helped to organise part of her hen do (a spa day of course!) so I was kept busy arranging everything for that. I also made her a cake which I took to a surprise meal with all her girl friends and family. I haven't had much time to bake or do big cakes lately but I really enjoyed doing this one. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing decorated with sugarpaste. I struggled to find a bride-to-be tiara that didn't have feathers on it but I eventually found one on eBay. I will probably do an outfit post about what I wore to the wedding.
Jack turned 5
In August Jack turned 5 and as usual we celebrated with presents for him to open and I made him a vegan doggy cake covered in peanut butter. We went to one of our favourite beaches for his birthday walk, where he enjoyed running around and playing with his ball. I can't believe my little fur-baby is  5 already!
 ♥ I turned 25
Last month I celebrated my 25th birthday. Although it probably still seems really young for a lot of people, it felt like a bit of a milestone for me and it's scary to think I'm headed for my thirties now! I had a lovely day and was spoiled by Jamie, my family and friends. Jamie, Jack and I spent the day in sunny St. Ives (which wasn't the best idea as it was still heaving with tourists!) where we ate delicious pasties on the beach and browsed all the lovely shops. In the evening my family joined us for a meal at one of my favourite restaurants, Kota Kai in Porthleven where I enjoyed an amazing trio of vegan dishes. Jamie even made me a delicious vegan cake which he decorated with an anchor, a symbol that means a lot to me (I'll probably explain another time) and obviously fits in with my love of all things Cornish and nautical :)
I've been working hard
Running your own business isn't a 9-5 job. Even when I'm not treating clients (which also isn't 9-5; often I'll work in the evenings as well as Saturdays too), I'm busy sorting out paperwork, book-keeping, reading and writing articles, designing posters and flyers, updating websites and social media, advertising, marketing, replying to emails and phone calls and constantly thinking of new ideas to drive my business further forward. Often I'm more productive in the evenings, so after a busy day I might plan to have a relaxing evening, but my mind won't switch off and this is usually the time I come up with my best ideas! I don't mind this though; I've learned to go with the flow and do tasks when I feel like doing them. Although it's hard work, I absolutely love working for myself and I am excited for the future. I have a few things planned that I can't wait to get started on, and I can't wait to reveal more soon!
I'm off now to catch up on all of your blogs!
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